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Dec. 31st, 2020 06:45 am
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Because of the US presidential election, I have been posting less fandom-related posts and more political content, mostly under lock. I don't see the content changing back as long as Trump is in office, although I may create a separate blog for that. Politics is what is driving me right now, not fanfic or movies or TV.

Having said that my primary fandom remains The X-Files, even though I hated most of season ten and have no plans to watch season eleven, if it happens. I am still a life-long fan of Star Trek: TOS, watched all of the spin-offs and loved the 2009 movie.

Shows I loved which are now off the air include: Aquarius, Farscape, Firefly, Fringe, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Stargate SG-1, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and thirtysomething.

Shows I love which are currently airing: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Elementary, Madame Secretary, Orphan Black, The Rachel Maddow Show, and The Americans. Check out [community profile] theamericans for discussion, meta, links and fan works.

My account at Archive of Our Own is the best place to read my stories.

I moderate The reading group for X-Files fanfiction at Live Journal, where I am [livejournal.com profile] wendelah1.

At Tumblr, I'm [tumblr.com profile] wendelah. I started a sideblog for the global rewatch of The X-Files: [tumblr.com profile] 201daysofxfiles. It is current through season seven. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to venture into season eight.

This is a personal journal as well as a fandom one. If you want access to locked entries, which at present is most of them, comment here and I'll grant it.
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Hello and welcome!

Thank you for writing a story for me. My prompts are merely suggestions. If they don't suit you, and you have a plot bunny of your own that you've been dying to write, go for it. If you do, I request just two things. First, please don't ignore my "do not want" list. I know, it's an odd thing to say in a dear author letter but this actually happened to me--though not during Yuletide. The other thing I ask is that you be kind to the characters.

Perhaps because I used to take care of trauma patients, I don't enjoy reading hurt/comfort fic, or stories that contain graphic descriptions of rape or torture. Stories that humiliate and embarrass the characters will make me feel unhappy and uncomfortable. I'm not a shipper in the conventional sense of the term, although I'm not exactly a gen person either. However, unless a sex scene is integral to the plot, I'll probably skip over it.

What do I like? I love poetry and prose. I love a well-plotted mystery. I like crossovers, alternative universes, and stories about time travel. I like stories that take a scene or an event from canon and expand on it, revealing more about the characters in the process. I love snappy dialogue and banter. I enjoy humor. I like stories about friendship. I like stories about love.

I'm an optimist. I know life is hard. Bad things do happen to good people. However, I like reading stories about how characters cope with adversity; how they get through hard times and come out on the other side, transformed by their experiences.

#1 Aquarius (TV series): any character(s)
#2 Deviations: The X-Files: any character(s)
#3 The X-Files RPF: any character(s)

Cut for length and images )
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Amy Brennemen is speaking at All Saints Church Pasadena this morning.

Streaming here: All Saints Streaming.

From Cosmopolitan: Why I'm Sharing My Abortion Story.

I once asked Nancy Keenan, former president of NARAL, why the marriage equality movement had gained so much ground while the reproductive justice movement seemed to be moving in reverse. She answered with a simple word: "stories." The tide of marriage equality turned when same-gender couples began to tell their very specific stories: not being allowed in the hospital room of their partner, not being able to adopt children together, not being seen as equal to their heterosexual peers.
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When I was in college, I was a volunteer with Planned Parenthood. While I was a nurse at UCLA Medical Center, for 14 years I took care of women who were having second trimester abortions. My AmazonSmile has been set up to donate to Planned Parenthood Los Angeles since AmazonSmile was created. I make a monthly contribution to Planned Parenthood. A few years back, I even sent money to Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas to help keep their clinics open. This issue is important to me.

Since the landmark Roe v. Wade in 1973, I have witnessed a slow erosion of women's right to choose. I shudder to think what Vice-President-elect Mike Pence and his buddies in the Republican-controlled Congress have in store for the women of America.

The Nation: The War on Planned Parenthood Is Also an Assault on Poor Women of Color.

The youngest woman we took care of was twelve-years-old. She'd been molested by a family member beginning at the age of eight. But this young woman could easily have been one of my patients, too, and her story is more typical. I had an abortion at age 14 and I don't regret it. For eight years I let society shame me for my decision. But I'm not ashamed—and I believe no woman should be.

It's hard for me to believe that there are people in this world who would force a woman to carry a hopeless pregnancy to term, or punish her for deciding on an abortion. I took care of many women who had to make this impossible choice.

Interview With a Woman Who Recently Had an Abortion at 32 Weeks. Elizabeth* is 35. She grew up in the South, currently lives in Brooklyn, and has been married for two years. After a previous miscarriage at 10 weeks, she was overjoyed to find herself pregnant for a second time. At 31 weeks, she found out that the baby boy she was carrying wouldn’t be able to breathe outside the womb and would not survive. And at 32 weeks, she flew to Colorado to get a shot that would start the process of a third-trimester abortion; she then flew back to New York to finish the delivery. We talked on the phone two weeks into her recovery.

This was written by the physician who operates the clinic described in the above article. Stat: An abortion doctor on Trump’s win: ‘I fear for my life. I fear for my patients.’


Quartz: Two case studies show what could happen in the U.S. if abortion were outlawed.

Here's another wrinkle. Abortion Clinics in Blue States Are Closing Too.

Last but not least: The Handmaiden's Tale: A Warning About Patriarchy and Power by Gloria Steinem. Let’s just say this novel is not exactly fiction.

If abortion rights mean as much to you as they do to me, here are some ways you can make a difference:

New York Magazine: How to become an abortion clinic escort.

The National Network of Abortion Funds. Abortion funds are nonprofit organizations that raise money specifically to help women and girls pay for their abortions.

From 2013 but still relevant: I'm a Case Manager for My Local Abortion Fund: Here's What Happens When You Call For Help

Planned Parenthood. There have already been 40,000+ donations made to PP in honor of Mike Pence. Finally, an internet meme that accomplishes something.

NARAL Pro-Choice America. I know Mike Pence would be pleased to hear that you were supporting NARAL.

National Abortion Federation. Hey, Mike's a big fan of theirs, too.
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"Even if you want to blow up the system, you don’t throw your fellow Americans under the bus. That is what is disturbing." ~ Reader Nana, The Atlantic, "Will Trump Voters and Clinton Voters Ever Relate?"

As I always do when I have to deal with a new problem, I've been reading everything I can. Since I can remember, that's been my coping mechanism. cut for length )

I have no idea where I'm going with this except to say, I have been reading, reading, reading and so I have links.

The one that I've been going back to again and again are the readers' posts in The Atlantic:
Will Trump Voters and Clinton Voters Ever Relate? Readers across the bitter partisan divide in the U.S. discuss the results of the 2016 presidential election and what it means for the country.
This was of interest to me: The Guilt and Pain of a Clinton Supporter. Megan, a reader who voted for Hillary Clinton, shares a powerful confession.

I have to say that unlike Megan, I don't feel guilty. I didn't hide how much I loved Hillary from family or friends. I did argue about the election with my ultra-conservative brother, though not as hard as I would if we didn't live in California. I argued with my Bernie-loving father, too. I wore my Hillary T-shirt proudly. I bought all 45 of her campaign button designs and pinned them on sweaters and jacket lapels and onto the shirts of my relatives, too. I have a "Let's Make History" sticker on my bumper--and I'm never taking it off. I campaigned for her in 2008 and again in 2016. I didn't give money every time I was asked but I did contribute as much as I could, as often as I could. My only regret is that I didn't do more.

There are follow up comments aplenty, including a Bernie supporter thread, and songs of the day, and poems at the link, too. It updates frequently and it is moderated.

I'm putting the other links behind another cut in case even looking at the titles is upsetting to folks who are already have enough on their plates.
Special Agent Dana Scully: Do you have a theory?
Special Agent Fox Mulder: I have plenty of theories.
Everyone and their three-eyed cousin has a theory )

Last but by no means least, I know everyone has already read this wonderful essay, but read it again. It helps.

Vox: A letter to America from Leslie Knope, regarding Donald Trump

Damn. This is too long already. Okay. Tomorrow, look for a post about Abortion Rights.
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As you might imagine, I was devastated by the last night's election result. Because I had been asked by the Guardian to write a response, kind of a bookend to what I had written for them earlier, I stayed up long after Hillary conceded to fulfill that commitment.

"You don't have to do this, you know," my husband reminded me. But I did, because I had told them that I would. It was a struggle but I got it done and sent it well before their crazy-ass deadline. Nevertheless, when I checked the Opinion Section this morning, my piece had not been included. When I inquired, the editor told me that someone else had dropped out at the last minute, which meant that they had to drop me as well.

That's showbiz, as we say. For the record, this is what I wrote.

This is a sad night for my country and for the world. A terrible night. The unthinkable has happened. Hillary Clinton has conceded defeat. Donald Trump is president elect of the United States. I am angry and bewildered. How can so many Americans have been taken in by this lying scoundrel? My only consolation is that my family did everything we could to help elect Hillary. We donated time and money to her campaign. My home state voted overwhelmingly for her. In the end, it simply wasn't enough. I am ashamed that we elected this ignorant, bigoted sociopath. But I will not give in to despair. California just elected Kamala Harris, who will be the second black woman to serve in the U.S. Senate. In Arizona, the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County was defeated for reelection. Millions of us voted for someone other than Donald Trump! So, to those who fear that they could be targeted by a Trump administration because of their race, their religion, their ethnicity, or their sexual orientation, you are not alone. We will stand with you. We will fight together, against racism, sexism, and income inequality, against injustice and for social progress. We will win this country back. Love will trump hate.

My son is still on the road, driving back from Las Vegas, so I haven't spoken with him. My husband sent him a text last night and again this morning, asking if he was okay. "I'm not dead, if that's what you mean. No one is okay."

My husband has decided that since he "doesn't have that much longer to live" (a slight exaggeration--like everyone else, he's getting older, but he's hardly on his deathbed), he's going resume Buddhist meditation and leave politics behind. I can't do that. It's not who I am.

This morning in my email, I received a copy of Hillary's gracious concession speech. I'm going to have to work up to watching it, because just reading it made me burst into tears. She quoted a line of scripture that speaks to me: "Let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season, we shall reap, if we do not lose heart." (Galatians 6:9)

She went on to say, "My friends, let us have faith in each other. Let us not grow weary. Let us not lose heart. For there are more seasons to come and there is more work to do."

Please. Don't give up.
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Meet my new Yuletide-eligible small fandom:

"Deviations: The X-Files" (comic).

"Deviations: The X-Files" is a standalone comic published by IDW in March of this year. There were six Deviations published in March: one for The X-Files and the rest for other comics series in their lineup. Each comic is a one-shot alternative universe.

The entire rest of the post is a spoiler.

EDIT: [community profile] scans_daily posted a good-sized sampling of the comic when it was first released: Deviations: The X-Files. Thank you, [personal profile] naraht.

In "Deviations: The X-Files," instead of appearing in Fox Mulder's flashbacks as she does in the TV series, Samantha Mulder is one of the main characters. In the original series, she died at age fourteen, following her abduction at age eight. In the Deviations AU, it is Fox Mulder who is abducted in 1973, not his sister Samantha. In the comic, Director Blevins assigns Dana Scully to work with Special Agent Samantha Mulder on the X-Files. Agent Scully isn't pleased about her new assignment and says as much right to Director Blevins' face.

We aren't told nearly enough about Agent Samantha Mulder: about her early career in the Bureau, about how she got the X-Files division opened. However, unlike Agent Fox Mulder who was perennially distracted from his quest by articles in the National Enquirer, Agent Samantha Mulder is focused on finding out what happened to her brother. Together, Samantha Mulder and Dana Scully investigate case after case of children who were abducted from their homes under circumstances similar to Fox Mulder's disappearance in 1973.

In the Deviations universe, we discover that the adult Fox Mulder is still alive and working for the Cigarette Smoking Man. (Seriously? Yes. Yes, indeed.) Naturally, this comic ends on a cliffhanger, which will never be resolved in canon, because it's a one-shot. Why did I buy this comic anyway? I knew it would not end well.

This is why:
 photo feb264a4-5dd1-4bac-b738-96ac8fd05279_zpssowqw584.jpg

Just look at them! They're so pretty!

Folks, that's pretty much the entire comic. In fact, it's thin enough in terms of plot, characterizations, and backstory that an author could write nearly anything they wanted, as long as they stuck to the basic premise, i.e. Fox was abducted instead of Samantha. For fans who love Yuletide and love The X-Files, and who want to write about female characters, it's a potential goldmine, I tell ya! I nominated these four characters: Cigarette Smoking Man (Deviations), Dana Scully (Deviations), Fox Mulder (Deviations), and Samantha Mulder (Deviations).

AVAILABILITY: Deviations: The X-Files can be purchased as a digital comic for only $1.99. The comic is also available at Amazon and for your Kindle.
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If you live in Southern California, this just came in from the LA Times:
Risk of Big Earthquake on the San Andreas Fault Rises After Quake Swarm At Salton Sea.

With that in mind, it is never a bad idea to check on your emergency supplies, no matter where you live. From the California Department of Public Health:
Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit

Miscellaneous links: I'm posting these now since I may not get a chance later on...

I looked at this guy's Twitter and I'm still not exactly clear what's so interesting to the author of this rather breathless article in The New Yorker, let alone his 25,000 subscribers. Is it just me or is this quote unintentionally hilarious?

"An entire community exists on social networks, Alameddine discovered, in which people catalogue images in vast and searchable archives."

The Novelist Whose Twitter Feed Is a Work of Art.

He took up this new hobby to avoid working on his book. Imagine that.

From Slate, an analysis of the feasibility of Elon Musk's proposal:
Elon Musk Wants to Put a Million People on Mars.

With Yuletide signups about to begin, meet my new small fandom of one:
Deviations: The X-Files (comic).

Even I am surprised that I got it into the tagset. More about this later, after I run out for dry cat food, (more) bottled water and chocolate bars. Everyone knows that you can never have too much chocolate on hand in case of an emergency.
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e photo hillarybanner02 hermajestyicons_zps6x2wze1g.png

Even if it is hard for you to travel, you can still help campaign for Hillary Clinton. How? You can make phone calls from anywhere, even if you only have a few minutes at a time.

Ready to Make Calls: Get Started

If you are energetic and live in Los Angeles, the Clinton campaign is looking for volunteers to travel to Las Vegas every weekend between now and the election. You'll travel by bus, leaving at 5:00 a.m. and returning to Los Angeles at midnight. It's a long day. If only I had better feet... My peripheral neuropathy rules this opportunity out for me.

The debate begins in one minute.

I already have a migraine. Excuse me, I need to take a Maxalt.
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Thanks to WIP Big Bang, I finally completed my long languishing, guilt-producing TXF:RPF AU.

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (34924 words) by wendelah1
Chapters: 9/9
Fandom: The X-Files RPF
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Gillian Anderson/David Duchovny
Characters: Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny
Additional Tags: Romance, Alternate Universe, Romantic Comedy, Suspense, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Romantic Suspense

Just when Dr. David Duchovny thinks his blind date can't get any worse, his insipid dinner companion pulls out a gun. On the brink of a scientific breakthrough, Dr. Duchovny had knowledge that dangerous men would kill to possess. His only protection is Gillian Anderson, an agent with Tactical Executive Security. He desperately needed to trust someone, and Agent Anderson was it. But David senses that Gillian is keeping more secrets than she's revealing. With his life in chaos, can he trust the secret agent?

When I Started: This fic was originally begun in February 2013 for the first round of Unconventional Courtship. The idea was to select your summary from an existing Harlequin Romance novel, tailor it as needed to suit your characters, and go write! I signed up with two goals in mind: I wanted to stretch myself as a writer and I wanted to write the first true AU for The X-Files RPF fandom. My summary is a mash-up of two different Harlequin romances. My friend tree requested that the prompt be gender-swapped, which I was happy to do.

How I Lost My Shit: Long story short, I got stuck. I actually signed up to write this same prompt during three(!!) different rounds of Unconventional Courtship. (Those mods are saints. They even let me post the first four, completed chapters as a WIP last year.) As it turns out, I'm pretty good at inventing interesting plots and characters, but not that great at romance. This presented a problem since I was working on a thriller/romance.

How I Finished My Shit: Chapter Five, the one I got stuck on last year, was supposed to have an explicit sex scene, the first of many such scenes. (I know, I know. What was I thinking? I did read a few thriller/romances before I got started which is how I discovered that even thriller/romances have many such scenes. Yikes.) Spoiler alert: After eight drafts, I finally took the story in a different direction. The fic ended up being more of a screwball comedy, with elements of the genres I began with. In part, that's how a fic with the working title of "Under Fire" ended up as "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered." Spoiler Alert the Second: There are so many outtakes that I might have to write a sequel.

Which leads us to WIP Big Bang 2016. Predictable Wendy is Predictable! Yep. I got stuck again. Writing is hard! Real life sucks! But then the amazing and talented Loracine made this adorable bookcover for the fic. I didn't want to let her down. I didn't want to let my beta/cheerleaders down--again. So I asked for an extension and kept plugging away at it. In the wee hours of the morning, only 18 days late, I posted the final chapter. There were four posted last year; I added five more so there are now nine chapters in total.

Loracine's Master Art Post

Because the story title and all of the chapter titles belong to the great songwriting team of Rodgers and Hart, there is a playlist at Youtube plus a tongue-in-cheek bonus track. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.

I listened to these songs and many others while I was working on this fic. The works of Rodgers and Hart provided the spiritual and artistic inspiration for this fic far more than the mash-up romance summary or the romances I read; however, I could not possibly do them justice. A genius I am not. I hope readers will enjoy my story despite its many shortcomings.

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I think the [livejournal.com profile] purimgifts reveal was Saturday. Before the reveal, [personal profile] tree correctly and fairly identified these two fics as my stories using her excellent detective skills.

Both were written for the 1963 film, Charade. If you haven't seen it, go download it from the Internet Archive and watch it. It's even funnier than I remembered and utterly unpretentious. We borrowed a beautifully restored print of it from the library. I'm feeling obsessed with Audrey Hepburn so I'm going to request more of her films. I can recommend Two for the Road with Albert Finney.

My Mother the Spy (1001 words) by wendelah1
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Charade (1963)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Peter Joshua/Regina Lampert
Additional Tags: Collection: Purimgifts Day 2

We never got tired of hearing the story of Our Mother the Spy.

Hidden Asset (1009 words) by wendelah1
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Charade (1963)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Peter Joshua/Regina Lampert
Additional Tags: Collection: Purimgifts Day 3

Reggie Cruikshank née Lampert discovers she has a knack for decorating on a budget—and for recovering stolen property.

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I finally made myself watch the season/series finale last night. It was exactly as I had feared, an ill-conceived, badly written, and poorly paced disaster.Here be Spoilers. Also vitriol. )
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Since I am doing my best to avoid spoilers, I know little about tonight's season finale of The X-Files season ten. Because the Lakers basketball games always trump other programming, I recorded it. I might watch it tonight—but I might not. I do know one thing: I don't see how Chris Carter can salvage this mess. Each episode was terrible in its own special way, except for "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster," and even that episode was just okay. Maybe I'll like it better on rewatch, but it wasn't "an instant classic," as some critic or other proclaimed.

Regardless of the ending of tonight’s finale (or non-ending—I don't put anything past Chris Carter at this point), what season ten needs is fanfiction. It needs a good rewrite, similar to what Khyber tried to do with Khyber vs. Season Seven, or a complete overhaul, like several groups of writers did with seasons eight and nine back in the day. We need an Alternate Season Ten. Heck, since it was only six episodes long, we could use a multi-verse of Season Tens.

There were so many important things that were omitted. We need an explanation for why Mulder and Scully are not a couple. Or, hey, since this is an AU, why can't they be a couple? They can even be married. Married couples can be sexy – watch Madam Secretary. (Chris Carter is nuts when it comes to on-screen romance but what else is new.)

We need at least an attempt at continuity with the original series, not a repeat of season five's "everything Mulder believed about aliens was wrong" debacle. It didn't work then and it didn't work this time around. We need a more coherent opening episode, plots that make sense, consistent characterization, etc, etc. We need to know what Mulder and Scully have been doing with their lives since I Want to Believe. We know they’re older (so are we!) so the ridiculous jokes, like Mulder not doing stairs, can go. I’d like to see them to argue about science versus the paranormal, too. Their arguments were the sexiest part of the original series, because they were both so passionate in their beliefs. I missed that.

spoilers behind the cut )

Most important of all, Mulder and Scully must be committed to their work, instead of looking like they’re just going through the motions. I realize that working on the X-Files took a toll on both characters, and I respect the choices the actors made to try to reflect that, but if you take away what made Mulder and Scully unique—their enthusiasm, their intellectual excitement, and the intensity of their feelings for one another and their work—it's not the same series. And regardless of how much I love these characters, it's not a series I want to watch.

The only solution is going to be AU fanfiction. We need it and we need it today.
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Founder mutation: in genetics, a mutation that appears in the DNA of one or more individuals who are founders of a distinct population. Founder mutations can be passed down to other generations.

Synopsis: spoiler )

The X-Files' obsession with "reproductive horror" is unequivocal: one of the most haunting images from the second season is of Dana Scully lying on an exam table, her abdomen distended as in advanced pregnancy, and a sinister-appearing metallic instrument protruding from her umbilicus. That scene flashes by—and it's from Mulder's POV—so we don't know whether or not it is taking place or just another of Mulder's paranoid fantasies about her abduction. Even after Scully was returned, the viewers never learned exactly what was done to her or why she was taken. In a later season, Mulder discovered that during Scully's captivity, she was subjected to a medical procedure in which all of her ova were extracted, leaving her sterile. Still later in the series, Scully finds out that an unknown number of human/alien hybrids were created from her stolen ova. One of those children, her daughter Emily, died at age five, shortly after Scully learned of her existence. Like Mulder's sister, Samantha, Emily is a young casualty of the Project.

Which brings us to the other recurring theme of The X-Files: the abduction, imprisonment, and medical torture of children and teenagers. The scene from "Per Manum" where Scully stumbles upon the jars of malformed fetuses lining the shelves in the office of her obstetrician is haunting. Beware of Spoilers )
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To any fan of The X-Files, "My Struggle" was terrible in an entirely predictable way. It featured clunky dialogue, ponderous voice-overs, and a ridiculous plot. In other words, this was a typical mythology episode written by Chris Carter. I don't mean to sound harsh but someone needs to pass a law forbidding him from submitting a script without a co-writer.

Old XF mythology: the aliens were the original inhabitants of Earth. They're coming back to reclaim their former homeworld, exterminate humanity through a virus that uses people to gestate new lifeforms, with their end goal being to take over the planet. The Syndicate cut a deal with them to save themselves and stall for time, while working on a vaccine against the virus. Roswell was a smokescreen.

Here be Spoilers )

One final note: It's a good thing I was watching this live because my DVR failed to record the second half of the show. The goddamned football game ran late and Fox opted to air the post-game show from 7:00 until 7:30, delaying the broadcast of The X-Files. There was a conspiracy on the part of the Military-Industrial-Entertainment complex to force viewers to watch their damn commercials.
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In honor of The X-Files Revival, over at [livejournal.com profile] haremxf, [personal profile] maidenjedi and I are hosting another Women of The X-Files Comment Ficathon.

This ficathon is open to to any woman from [personal profile] maidenjedi's updated character list, plus any unlisted female character from the new mini-series. Leave as many prompts as you like! Fill as many prompts as you can! There are no deadlines or word counts to meet.

[livejournal.com profile] haremxf
The Women of The X-Files Comment Ficathon!

Publicize this anywhere X-Philes can be found!

On LiveJournal:

On Dreamwidth:

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Day 09

In your own space, set some goals for the coming year. They can be fannish or not, public or private. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

1. To stop researching my TFWID Civil War fic and just start writing it already. No one (who isn't a friend and/or beta) is going to read it so essentially, it's a writing exercise in world-building and creating believable but historically accurate characters.

There is so much rich material about the Civil War that for someone who loves reading and loves learning new things, it's easy to procrastinate and keep researching forever. Eastern Tennessee is a particularly complex battleground because its population voted against secession, and spent time under martial law at the beginning of the conflict as a result.

2. Go to more art museums. I love art. Los Angeles isn't Paris or New York but we have some good museums, too. There is a new contemporary art museum which opened downtown that I've never visited, the Broad Museum. I've never been to the restored Getty Villa in Malibu.

3. That's enough.
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Day 08

Comment to someone you haven't ever interacted with before or introduce yourself to someone you've interacted with and friend/follow them. Afterwards, leave a comment in this post with the equivalent of "I did it!"

You see what I mean?

Chances are a lot of you have already completed today's challenge because of all your interactions with other participants in the past week. So you can go ahead and post Done! and enjoy the rest of the day.

That said, what if you want to add more sparkle to the challenge? Well, how about leaving feedback on that one fanwork (fic, podfic, fanart, fanvid, meta post, knitting pattern, etc.) that you've always loved in a lurk-ey way? People love getting feedback on their creations--yes, even if it's something they posted way back in the pre-Geocities era. *g*

Another option is to follow/subscribe/grant access to someone you want to get to know better on whichever platform you prefer.

The point is to reach out to someone you normally wouldn't and connect with them, even if it's only for the briefest moment.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

My track record is pretty mixed at this point. I left feedback on some artwork I've had in my favorites at DeviantArt forever. This series of book covers for the Mars Trilogy is outstanding.


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